Touch Rock | A documentary about climbing

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Touch Rock | A documentary about climbing

“Why do I even do this?”

That is something climbers seemingly often ask themselves. It is a question thrown out from time and time again through climbing crags and gyms all over the world. Of course, it is not a question confined to climbing. Why do people do what they do concerning anything?

What I as a documentary filmmaker and long time climber can show you is different aspects of climbing. And with that, you’ll get to decide for yourself concerning the why.

This project started off with me filming my good friend Rickard Sjöquist on his boulder project outside of Stockholm. It was meant to be a short video of him just doing some climbing. And in the middle of it all, covid-19 hit our society. I was left with more spare time then I thought was possible. Therefore the project grew to keep me occupied.

In the end, I ended up filming with some of the nicest people I know. Even though it took me longer to finish this movie than expected, I had a blast through the whole editing process; getting to relive all those beautiful moments amongst amazing people.

It has been a long time since anybody made a climbing documentary/movie here in Sweden. And my goal has been to take everything that I like with the once who came before me and turn it in to something new. To blend it with my own style; telling stories which takes place between the lines.

Hope you enjoy.

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