The Rock Climbing Experience in South Africa

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The Rock Climbing Experience in South Africa

It was an amazing experience to travel around South Africa and climb on high quality rock there. You can find lots of stunning crags for sport climbing all around the country.
Watch this video to get an impression about beautiful landscapes, rare animals and amazing sport climbing routes.

00:48 Brandenburger Tor 6b+/21 (Montagu – Berlin Wall)
01:07 Arensig 6a+/19 (Montagu – Water World)
01:21 Hypoxia 7c+/29 (Montagu – Supertubes)
02:06 Wow Wow Peddle 6b/20 (Sanddrif)
02:12 Behr Hug 7a/24 (Oudtshoorn – Short Circuit Sector)
03:01 Impaled on the Wall 6c/22 (Sanddrif)
03:12 Goonie Goo Goo 6c/22 (Oudtshoorn – Main Crag)
03:23 Soft Play 7a/24 (Oudtshoorn – Main Crag)
04:32 Bohemian Summer 7b+/27 (The Mine – Lower Tier)

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