High Season – Bouldering in Yorkshire

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/338179024

High Season – Bouldering in Yorkshire

This is a short film focusing on some of the harder boulder problems that I’ve managed to climb in Yorkshire over the last grit season (between October and May). It includes some established classics, some esoteric gems and a few first ascents of my own.

Problems (in order of appearance):
The Lash (8A) – 0:50
Rumble in the Jungle (7C) – 2:40
Sweet Dreams (7C+) – 3:56
Borealis (8A) – 5:45
Lager Lager Lager (7C) – 7:09
No Mercy (7C) – 8:24
Vicious Streak (8A) – 9:45
Ben’s Groove (7C+) – 11:03
Myriad (7C) – 13:03
Sole Fusion (8A) – 15:04
Gun Shy (7C+) – 17:26
Ill Gotten Gains (8A) – 18:59

A huge thanks to everyone who came out and hauled pads, spotted, cheered me on, got me psyched to try these problems and made this film possible. Bring on the next one!

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