Die Perfekte Welle in Tumpen

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Die Perfekte Welle in Tumpen

This beautiful line was one of the first boulders in Tyrol that I immediately fell in love with and absolutely wanted to climb. Unfortunately, the boulder is located in an area where the approach is controversial and I haven’t been there for a very long time.

This year, 2020, I followed my friend Enrico’s invitation to try.
I checked out the moves on the first day and I felt two times at the top. What a shame. The next day I managed to climb it in the third attempt. Just awesome.
Unfortunately, they started building a hydropower station there and I’m curious to see what it looks like after the Corona lockdown.
I hope that Tumpen as a bouldering area will be preserved with its beautiful bouldering and that there will still be many people enjoying the compact rock there.

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