Bouldering less known problems in Fontainebleau

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Bouldering less known problems in Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau is one of the most popular bouldering areas in the world. Even in the summer a lot of people come to touch some best-quality sandstone. When the classical sectors became to crowded, we decided to visit less known spots and searched for more uncharted lines.


Conduite Forcée 6C+ (Rocher de Guichot)
Mémoire d’Outre-Tombe 7A+ (Rocher Fin)
Gorétatov 7B (Rocher de Guichot)
Ussy Peur / Banzaï 7a+ (Mont Ussy)
Ligne de Mire 7A (Gorges du Houx)
l’Arete (assis) 7A+ (Gorges du Houx)
Poséidon (assis) 7A+ (Apremont Envers)
Gargantoit (assis) 7B+ (Gorges du Houx)
Scout Toujours 7A (Apremont Envers)
L’Envol du Martinet / Naufrage d’une Illusion 6C+ (Rocher Fin)
Pleine Lune 7A (Gorges du Houx)
Lotus 7A (Mont Ussy)
un Coin de Paradis 7A (Rocher de Guichot)
Fatwoman 7A (P’tit Paradis)
Ussy tôt Fait 6B+ (Mont Ussy)

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