Bouldering in North Wales

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Bouldering in North Wales

North Wales got such an amazing variety of climbing which couldn’t be covered by one or two videos. The coasts are covered in limestone cliffs, whereas the inland got this really cool Rohylite and Dolerite rock which can be as sticky as sandstone and there is obviously the slate as well which is so unique and different to climb on. In addition, in every area, you got a piece of history, be it one of the first of its kind or just a famous and good line, they are spread right across all areas. In conclusion, every bit of rock in north Wales got something special to it and it’s so enjoyable to climb there if it’s not raining all the time but in this case, you got a variety of world-class caves as the Parisellas cave where it is always possible to get tired.
Sadly I wasn’t able to get more footage this time so the majority of climbing (bouldering) is located in the Llanberis pass. But for a little bit of variation, I included two routes as well.

List of included routes: (in order of appearance)
Waiting for the Elevator || 7A+ FA || Llanberis pass
Mr Fantastic RH || 8A+ || Jerry’s roof
Birds Nest Cafe || 8a+ || Harmer Hill
The Big Smile || 7C/+ || Llanberis pass
Stoned Temple Pilots || 7C+/8A || Llanberis pass
Wavelength sds || 7C || Llanberis pass
Badger Badger Badger || 8a+ || Pen Trwyn, Great Orme

Special thanks to everyone I met and with whom I was climbing and on the road. It was a blast and a great pleasure to climb with you guys (I won’t name any names because I’d forget half of it). I’ll definitely never forget this time and hope for some climbing action at some time soon…

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