Bouldering in Cederberg

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Bouldering in Cederberg

During the ’16 season between August and September we spent six weeks bouldering in the Cederberg mountains, living at the De Pakhuys campground, enjoyed tons of quality blocs and filmed even a few of them. And that’s what came out… Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Featured boulders in order of appearance:
Hole in one 7C+
Teatime 7C
Cedar Spine 7C
Salam 8A
The Rhino 7B+
Baboon Sumo 7B
Tis is Afrika 7C+
Lord Greystoke 7B
The roof is on fire 6C
Last day in paradise 7C
Burn into struggle 7B+
Pinotage 7B+
Es werden Tränen fließen 7B
Ulan Bator 7B+
Zanzibar 7B+
Mud puddles 7B
Bushoning 7C

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