Barbara Raudner klettert Phallus D (8b) und Vagina Diaboli (8b)

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Barbara Raudner klettert Phallus D (8b) und Vagina Diaboli (8b)

Arena is situated near Graz and in the 80s Austrian climbing history was written there. At this spot you can find the route „Zeitgeist“ which was probably the first of the grade 10- in Austria and the routes in the 10 grade at Hintere Arena are amongst the first of this grade in Europe.


PHALLUS DEI (8b): „Phallus Dei“ is a very steep impressive line, with very varying, continuously long moves and a very exceptional move at the end.

VAGINA DIABOLI (8b) : Another super-classic route besides „Phallus Dei“ which I did last autumn, is „Vagina Diaboli“, also graded with 10 and in my opinion very hard for the grade. The route is for sure one of the coolest lines at Arena, it goes alongside the whole steep edge. It has a very athletic boulder but also a high technical demand with a tricky mantle before the chain. The route was opened by Robert Kerneza in 1987 and as far as I know Wali Anderle and I were the first Ladies to send the route. And now it’s time for more girl’s ascents!

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