Alex Megos klettert Cadafist (9a/+) in St. Léger

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Alex Megos klettert Cadafist (9a/+) in St. Léger

Almost uncut footage of Cadafist (9a/+) in St. Léger. All the climbing is uncut, I cut out the rests though when I’m shaking out for ages and the first 5 quickdraws are missing too. There is a first part of the route (around 7 meters of 8a) to a good rest. The video starts from the rest. The guidebook gives it 9a, I personally think, that 9a/+ is more appropriate. I didn’t sit on the tree at the good rest (because I didn’t know that was allowed). Thanks to Alex Rohr for the support and belay.

Sorry about the audio, it’s not great.

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