6 Days in Roy – Paul Robinson

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/tumIY-Guo74

6 Days in Roy – Paul Robinson

Well damn, Roy is good… really good! Lizzy and I made the trek down there for a week of bouldering and we were greeted with perfect weather and stone! It doesn’t get much better than that!

I have decided to say f*ck it to monetizing videos on YouTube anymore so from now on, I am really going to try to make all the videos have the best and most suiting music for the film piece.

It was really fun to work on this project with Lizzy and make this film that I am super proud of. I am back in Boulder now for the next month. I will be training a bit and trying to get outside when I can so stay tuned for a bit of that and hopefully some more race to 1000 footage. I have 30 climbs left

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