Roctrips Squamish & Millau [Sonntagsvideo]

Petzl Roctrip Squamish

The Timmy O’Neill’s vision of the Roc trip Squamish, Canada BC… Featuring Lynn Hill, Jason Kehl, Chris Sharma, Gérôme Pouvreau, Lisa Rands, Liv Sansoz, Dave Graham, Jérôme Meyer, Steve McClure, Said Belhaj and many others… Hold up, Timmy speaks fast, very fast…

Petzl Roctrip Millau 2006

The famous rock climbing event, featuring all the best world climbers : Chris Sharma, Lynn Hill, Dany Andrada, Said Belaj, Tony Lamiche, Charlotte Durif, Berta Martin, Sean Mc Coll and many others…

    Text: Kletterszene
  • Beitragsdatum 28. November 2009