Zillertal Betas – Bouldering in the Alps

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/IZigWWsTfcQ

Zillertal Betas – Bouldering in the Alps

So 2 Weeks ago we (Basti, Samy, Noah and myself) went on our first Boulderingtrip with the new van ! Destination : Zillertal

We had such a good time and a awesome crew with Jannis and Tobias joining after 2 days !

Problems in the video:

Links 7a
Action Jackson 8a
Schönheitsregen 7b
Agent Orange 7c
Burning Knee 7c+/8a
Holerun 7b 07:25 –
King of Queens 7b
Will to live 7c
Mary O’s Dachl 6c
Pablo Diablo 6b

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