What it is about

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/190753748

What it is about

A edit we realised for our good friend and awesome snowboarder Mitch Tölderer. He describes this edit as following:

„A Video Collage of Mitch Toelderer about his passion for Backcountry Snowboarding.

` In a quiet moment of cleaning up my external drive I found some pieces of video footage from here and there accumulating over the past 2 years. Having a bit of a closer look into it I saw the connection, the central theme of the clips and I instantly realized what this was about! ;-)

With that knowledge in my head, the files in my backpack and a smile on my face I dropped into the Whiteroom-Productions office for a coffee and left 48hours later with this little clip `WHAT IT IS ABOUT´. Now that is what I want to share with you and the folks out there as my contribution to this years data avalanche of footage and clips rolling through the world wide web.

Hope you enjoy it and also share it with your friends,
have a great winter!´

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