Uncovering the Tetons Part: I

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/132637670

Uncovering the Tetons Part: I

August of last year I headed into the Teton back country with a very good and close friend of mine – Vince Schaefer. We hiked 4 hours with a elevation gain of 3k feet; Vince with a load of camera gear and myself with a giant pad strapped to the back of my pack. We camped at 9k feet in a boulder field surrounded by meadows and cliffs. We spent 3 days hiking, searching, cleaning, climbing and filming the adventure, we never stopped. Here are 5 blocs that we managed to document for your eyes and ears, so now enjoy our normal – craziness.

The next trip back into the Mountains is ongoing as of now and will end Aug 4th 2015. Be looking for part 2 of Uncovering the Tetons. #uncoveringthetetons

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