The Soul of Skiing

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The Soul of Skiing

Not another skiing movie

Most skiing movies set in extreme and spectacular environments, with people doing one stunt after another. This film is not like that.

We explore the soul of skiing.

Leave the ski-in-ski-out-world behind and let us show you the places where the soul is still to be found.
For twenty years Stefan Palm, one of the few Swedish internationally certified mountain guides, have travelled all over the world with his clients. He takes thrill seekers to places they can´t imagine, places beyond the ordinary, away from the marked slopes, up the mountain and down the backside. Stefan has a friend in every ski hut there is and he has a reputation to invite his clients to unique cross-cultural experiences, food bonanzas and meetings with local legends.

We are on a quest – to find the soul of skiing.

The Soul of Skiing is an original idea and concept of Fredrik „Fripp“ Lindgårdh and Stefan Palm, and the collaborative effort of Fredrik Lindgårdh – producer, Anders Klapp – cinematographer and Fredrik Dannemann – screenwriter. And of course – Stefan Palm, UIAGM mountainguide. We are an old bunch of skiing buddies with a passion for stories and snow.

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