The Passion – Part 2

The Passion – Part 2

The Passion Part 2 is a bouldering movie which contains boulders from Switzerland and Austria. Most of them from Magic Wood and the Zillertal, but also Sustenpass, Brione, Val Calanca and the Oetztal.

The ascents:

Sustenpass: Marakesch (8A)

Magic Wood: Piranja (7C+), Massive Attack (8A+), Riverbed (8B), Fight Club (7C) and Steppenwolf (8B)

Brione: Frogger (8A)

Val Calanca: Cold Smoke (8A)

Oetztal: Das Individuum (8A+), Richard Löwenherz (7C+) and The church (7A) in the outro

Zillertal: Der Narzisst (8A+), The Anthem (8A+), Exploited (8B), Golden Horse (8A+) and Nihilist (8A+)

Our goal is to share our motivation for bouldering outdoors. We guess it is the best thing that climbing offers and hopefully some of you will try it for the first time after watching the film. But remember that keeping the nature clean is very important cause we all do not want to annoy other climbers and residents.

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