The Passion II

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The Passion II

This fully free bouldering movie from Switzerland + Austria, called THE PASSION II, was the second full bouldering movie on our Fortyfive Degrees Vimeo channel. Unfortunately both got deleted lately as we cancelled our pro membership. But don’t worry it will now be available here forever!

The second part includes bouldering in some of Switzerland’s best bouldering areas as Magic Wood, Sustenpass, Brione and Val Calanca but also some footage from Austria’s Ötztal and Zillertal. These boulders are included:

Marakesch 8A 01:05
Piranja 7C+ 01:50
Massive Attack 8A+ 02:30
Riverbed 8B 03:50
Frogger 8A 05:30
Fight Club 7C+ 06:55
Steppenwolf 8B 08:10
Cold Smoke 8A 10:15
Das Individuum 8A+ 12:00
Richard Löwenherz 7C+ 13:50
Narzisst 8A+ 16:15
The Anthem 8A+ 18:45
The Exploited 8B 21:20
Golden Horse 8A+ 22:20
Nihilist 8A+ 23:50

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