The last chance- Ticino

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The last chance- Ticino

Petra and Queitsch, Stephan Göb and Andreas Hofmann bouldering in Chironico!

…Classics and 1st ascents…

Doctor direct fb 7c
Cubitus fb 6c
Dr. Small fb 7b
Garibald fb 7a
Blackout fb 7c/7c+ (1st. ascent)
Smemory fb 7a
Seppis boulder fb 7a
Concho neros fb 7a
Little big Horn fb 7a+ (1st ascent)
Metusalem fb 6c
Dr. med.dent fb 7b
Smemory Strane fb 7b+ (Kombination)
Schneeschlacht fb 7a/7a+ (1st.ascent)
Bella gnocca fb 7a+

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