Swizzle Shizzle – First Trip to Switzerland

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Swizzle Shizzle – First Trip to Switzerland

Throwback to my very first trip to Switzerland back in February 2013. This trip really opened my eyes, and narrowed my focus to Bouldering for the years to come. I saw some of the best and hardest problems in the world, and a glimpse of what it would take to climb some of them.

2 weeks in the amazing Ticino region of Switzerland. Featuring 3 welsh climbers and appearances from Dawid Skoczylas and Chris Davies.

NOTE: Make sure to watch beyond the credits!!

Climbs Featured are:-

Atlantis 7C, Brione
Molunk 7C, Brione
Fake Pamplemousse 8A, Brione
Unknown 7A, Chironico
Power Ranger 7B+, Chironico
Souvinir 8A, Chironico
Dr Crimp 7C, Chironico
Matusalem 6C+, Chironico
Vitruvian Man 7A (chipped), Chironico

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