Ryohei Kameyama in Fontainebleau

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Ryohei Kameyama in Fontainebleau

This week I am taking advantage of being in Paris to introduce to you a pretty strong climber who was passing through Fontainebleau, Ryohei Kameyama, a name you’re probably not familiar with. He’s a young Japanese climber, 20 years old, he’s only competed in a few world cups, but we don’t really know him yet.
So he discreetly came to Fontainebleau with a coach and one of his friends, and we started to hear some rumours about a mysterious guy sending hard boulders pretty quickly.
I was able to join and film him during his final day in Font, where he sent « Mécanique élémentaire » (8B+) in about one hour and only three tries…

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