Rocklands Trip | Thomas Lindinger

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Rocklands Trip | Thomas Lindinger

I’ve been to Rocklands, South Africa, for the third time now. No matter how often I’ll travel there, it will always be different and doesn’t get boring. Especially with the new guidebook there’s so much stuff to do left that can’t be climbed within a lifetime.

This year I travelled with my girlfriend and a lot of friends and I can’t imagine any better accompany. I hope we will repeat our trip soon, and then I’ll also capture my friends ascents as well, which I unfortunately didn’t do this time.

This video contains the following boulders:

1. La bowling ball 0:25
2. L’arche 0:54
3. Brain rapist 3:28
4. Tea Arch 4:38
5. Ron Ron Diagonal 5:15
6. Rocketpop 6:05

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