Rocklands – Bouldering in a Magical Area

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Rocklands – Bouldering in a Magical Area

It was already a couple of weeks back that we were bouldering in Rocklands, sitting around the fire at night and just enjoy the life we get to live. Yet it still feels like yesterday when I edited this little piece especially for the Bouldernight in Freiburg last week. The times we had in South Africa were unforgettable!! Thanks to Ben, Basti, Alina and Samy for making it such a good trip!

Samuel ist supported by Rock Inn so If you are ever in the Würzburg area make sure to check them out!

Sorry for the lack of storytelling.. I twisted my foot one week before we left. In that week my aim was to shoot more clips for a round story…

I’ll try to edit a second part as soon as possible with the remaining sents and some nice beach and garden route action.. ;)

Sorry for the lack of uploads but I currently have lots of stuff to do and I’ll do plenty videos for the Blockhaus in Freiburg so if you wanna see more of my work make sure to follow them on insta and facebook!!

As I’m not uploading that regularly atm !!hit the bell to get notified of new uploads!! ;)

Problems in the video:

02:29 – 03:00 The far Side 7a
03:05 – 03:46 Crazy Leg 7b (Flash)
04:10 – 04:50 Umbuli 8a
05:45 – 06:11 The Bridge 7c
06:15 – 07:20 When the day Breaks 7b (Flash)
07:25 – 07:40 Hill climb 7a
08:20 – 09:40 Fragile Steps 8b
09:59 – 10:10 Dabble Trouble 8a
10:10 – 10:25 X- Interceptions 6c+
10:30 – 11:15 Creaking Heights 6c
12:00 – 14:00 Springbok 7a+

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