Robert Leistner klettert Die Vertreibung der letzten Idealisten (XIIa)

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Robert Leistner klettert Die Vertreibung der letzten Idealisten (XIIa)

“Die Vertreibung der letzten Idealisten” (Redpoint 8c/5.14b) is a hard sport climbing route in the more traditional area of Saxonian Switzerland in Germany. First established in 2005 it took Petzl Athlete Robert Leistner 14 years to send the redpoint of his own route.

On July 17th, 2019 accompanied by his son and belayed by good friend and competition host Reinold Redenyi he finally made it through the 60m sandstone wall without falling or resting at anchors. After so much time and repetitive efforts to send the redpoint he states: “It’s so much harder climbing the route redpointstyle than having the chance to rest at some of the ringbolts. It has been such a long way but it needed the time.” Times of learning, times of change, times of letting go but of course very strong commitment were only a few of the ingredients to make it happen.

Of course you do need special conditions in an area were the local climbing ethics forbid
the use of chalk completely.

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