Pirmin Bertle klettert Pandemonium (8c/8c+) in Pinswang

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/269347661

Pirmin Bertle klettert Pandemonium (8c/8c+) in Pinswang

Pandemonium is referred to as the capital of hell. I can’t say exactly why this line is called like this, but apart from two Sika holds this line is really beautiful, the style is dynamic, the rock is grippy and the colours are awesome.

Christian Bindhammer told me that the route is graded 8c+, the internet tells me 8c – the first very boulder is supposed to be harder since a hold broke and in the beginning of the crux one hold is very often wet. They way it is today it is not very hard for 8c+, but tough for 8c.

In the end it took me two tries more than Big Hammer (9a?, 8c+?) next to it, but as you see in the video became really close in 5th already.
Due to some rumors it was only the 3rd ascent (can’t really imagine…)

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