No Technique but Power – Rocklands

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No Technique but Power – Rocklands

Three dudes trying hard in Rocklands in 2018
Boulders in Order of appearance:

Pendragon 8A Flash
Mooiste Meisie 8B
First Blood 8A
Last Day in Paradise 7C
Caroline 7C+
King of Limbs 8B
Deep Turle 8A
Gliding through the waves like dolphins 8A
Black Shadow 8A+
Paula Abdul 7C+
Brain Rapist 8A
A Tea with Elmarie 8A/+
Vlad the Impaler 7B+
Hellfire 8A
Armed Response 8A+
Grand Hueco 8A FA
Book Club 8B+
Shallow Cave 8A
Golden Shadow 8B
White Mazda Clan 7C
King of the Dwarfs 8A+ FA
Rasta Roof 7C+/8A
No Late Benders 8A

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