Nine Days at the New River Bounty – Jimmy Webb

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Nine Days at the New River Bounty – Jimmy Webb

In November of 2017, Jimmy Webb traveled to West Virginia to compete in the New River Bounty, a unique bouldering competition organized by the New River Alliance of Climbers (NRAC). Climbers were given a list of bouldering projects that had „bounties“ placed on them – cash prizes for first ascents. This video chronicles the nine days that Jimmy spent at the month-long competition.

King Louie, V11, First Ascent (2:35)
Spinal Remains, V11 (9:19)
Dead Dog Song, V8, First Ascent (11:50)
Get Rich or Die Tryin‘, V11, First Ascent (14:11)
Gimme the Loot, V12, First Ascent (15:54)
The Quick and the Dead, V13, First Ascent (18:08)
Hobos and Rhodos, V11, First Ascent (19:50)
Shoot Out, V13, First Ascent (21:28)

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