Nils Favre in Livin Large (8C+) in Rocklands

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Nils Favre in Livin Large (8C+) in Rocklands

Nils Favre spent the whole month of July 2018 in Rocklands, South Africa, to climb in one of the most famous bouldering place of the globe.

The goal of his trip was to try „Livin Large, V16/8C+“, but conditions were really bad with rain and high temperatures kicking in every day. He kept trying a lot, waking up at 6:00 to try before the sun would come into the holds, around 9:00. He saddly didn’t succeed to climb this famous line on this trip but he his motivated to get back on it during the next season.

While on his rest days and to stay in shape Nils climbed some of the best classics boulders of the area. All boulders in this video are iconic and worth the travel to the other side of the planet.

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