Mesmerizing South Africa | Rocklands & Cape Town

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Mesmerizing South Africa | Rocklands & Cape Town

The best holidays are those, where you combine everything you need and love, where even after 3 weeks, you still wanna continue. For us that meant going on a climbing trip, to a new destination, where the temperatures are good, the food is delicious, the people are lovely and the company is top notch. :)

“Rocklands and Cape Town, here we come!”

What an amazing trip this has been! A massive amount of fantastic boulder problems, breathtaking nature and sunsets, we got to see the penguins and snorkel/dive with seals, enjoyed the beauty of Cape Of Good Hope, Bo-Kaap, Muizenberg beach and lots of other places, indulging local wine was simply beautiful and millions of other things made our trip perfect.

Thank you South Africa, thank you my dearest friends – you are marvelous!

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