Max Deelen bouldering in Fontainebleau

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Max Deelen bouldering in Fontainebleau

Please don’t forget to clean the rocks after your session,

take your trash with you and respect the forest and it’s fragile environment!

Boulders in order of appearance:

  • Furtif Droite 8A
  • La Toupie Carnivore 8A+
  • Furia  7C
  •  La Directe du Surplomb de la Mée assis 8B
  • Desquamations Polygonales assis 7C+
  • L’Apparement assis 8B+
  • Diagénèse assis – 8A
  • Lullaby  7C
  • Vague Patatras  8A
  • The Bloc 8A
  • Taipan  8A
  • Ventricule Droite assis  8A

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