Magic Wood and Fontainebleau Summer Sessions

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Magic Wood and Fontainebleau Summer Sessions

Short compilation of some boulders i climbed in Magic Wood and Fontainebleau this summer 2018 before going to Rocklands! I edited this one in our little cottage in Traveller´s Rest farm while drinking Roiboos and with the psych as high as you can imagine when you climb with great friends in a bouldering paradise.

0’33“ – Supercrack 6C
1’06“ – Red Roses 7A+
1’40“ – Dropzone 7A
2’08“ – Stressman 7A
2’35“ – Moos Dyno 7A
3’44“ – Fight Club 7C
4’55“ – Coup de Tonerre SDS 7A
5’43“ – Sarcophagus 7A+
6’27“ – Clearcut 7B
6’55“ – Lost in Space 7A+
7’19“ – Une Explosion de Bonheur 7B
7’39“ – 52 Gérard 7C
8’24“ – Coup de Force 7C

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