Life On The Rocks

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Life On The Rocks

Some guys climb mountains. Some just climb rocks. Big f*cking rocks. Meet Sandeep, Adarsh and Jerry, three young climbers who are at the forefront of this new extreme sport in India. Follow them as they retrace the steps of their hero, Pil Lockey, who first started to explore the region around Chhatru, Himachal Pradesh. Their goal is to promote the sport and explore new regions and climbing routes in the Himalayas, and in other places around the country.

Bouldering is the fastest growing segment of the climbing community. The goal is simple; make it to the top of a boulder without letting your feet touch the ground. In August 2017, the sport was officially included in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Sandeep and Adarsh have represented India at Bouldering World Cups. Adarsh is the current national champion, and Sandeep is a silver medalist in the nationals.

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