Ironmen in Colorado

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Ironmen in Colorado

I guess we always had this destination in our minds. Due to all that online content about Colorado and these sick looking places in the Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding areas. Also, we were curious especially about the rock since it looked just like some gneiss in our home area which we seriously love.
So, it wasn’t hard to gather the necessary motivation to actually book the flights. The fact that both of us finished uni at the same time and we were about to start full-time work pushed us even more for one more decent trip before things would turn more serious.

The trip turned out to be even more adventurous than expected. Landed at conditions almost to warm to climb properly, which then shifted to colder temperatures quite quickly. In the end, we had some situations when we almost bailed as it got pretty snowy and chilly (we actually did once). That was something different since we are usually totally insensitive to cold temperature. But it also added something, that we stayed in the tent the whole time on some free remote campgrounds. Anyways, we went through with it and had an amazing time and sent some hard blocks.

Sends in order of appearance:
• Unshackled 7C+ | V10
• Tattooed Teardrops 8A | V11
• Ram Skull 7C | V9 (flash)
• Tomahawk 7C+ | V10
• The Quickening 8a+ | 5.13c
• Third Millennium 8b+ | 5.14a
• Bierstadt 7C+| V10
• Blood Money 8A+ | V12
• Eternia 8A | V11
• Wild Cat 8A+ | V12 (Sadly no send footage)
• Dead Racoon 8A | V11
• Thunder Muscle 8b+ | 5.14a

Areas approximately in order:
• Mt. Evans — Lincoln Lake, Area A
• The Monastery (sport climbing)
• Sealrock (last route)

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