IFSC Lead World Cup in Inzai – Finals – Livestream

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/CMWG__FIIjI

IFSC Lead World Cup in Inzai – Finals – Livestream

Korea’s Chaehyun SEO seems to have come out of nowhere to completely overtake the competition and win a total of four gold medals and one silver so far this season. As the athlete with the most wins in the women’s division, her hold on the coveted lead season champion title is undisputed. All that remains in Inzai is to determine who will be joining her on the podium.

After a groundbreaking Bouldering season, Janja GARNBRET’s(SLO)lead season may not have turned out how fans dreamed, but the climbing powerhouse still resides in second in the overall rankings and another appearance in finals should be enough to defend her position. Her compatriot, Lucka RAKOVECis right behind her after her own consistent appearance in finals throughout the season.

Japan’s Ai MORI will have the homefield advantage this weekend in Inzai and a spot on the final Lead World Cup podium of the year could earn her a podium place on the overall season podium to the delight of the host country and local crowd.

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