IFSC Lead World Cup in Briançon 2019 – Finals –

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IFSC Lead World Cup in Briançon 2019 – Finals –

With two Lead World Cups already in the books, the competition held at Parc des Sports from July 19 to 20 in Briançon, France marks the halfway point of the season. As the lead season progresses, the top climbers will start to become more apparent and the battle for the overall title will start to heat up.

While there have been four different gold medalists, some names have already seen back-to-back finals. Alexander MEGOS (GER) has come away from Villars and Chamonix with a bronze and silver respectively. With Adam ONDRA (CZE) taking another break from competition in Briançon, MEGOS just might have his shot at gold. After her debut in Villars, Korea’s Chaehyun SEO is proving to be a rising star in lead, earning silver in Villars and promptly following it up with gold in Chamonix. Other climbers to keep an eye on this weekend are YueTong ZHANG (CHN) and Lucka RAKOVEC (SLO).

Programm Saturday 20th July:

20.00-21.00 Men Lead Final [LIVE]
21.30-22.00 Women Lead Final [LIVE]

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