Hoyamoros Highballs

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/Ba7kuTrxNfA

Hoyamoros Highballs

Bouldering in Hoyamoros. Jesús Muñoz Vaquero (Chuchi) climbing some of highballs (high boulders or tsunamis) of Hoya Moros, Salamanca.

Living in an age in which numbers and letters monopolize the headlines and climbing is almost exclusively related to competition and personal improvement, we sometimes forget, that climbing is also climbing boulders or walls for the simple fact that we like to do it. That is precisely what this video tryes to transmite, about climbing boulders, beautiful boulders, baptized with names. Rocks in which the grade has been omitted to see them as they are, rocks, and not as numbers and letters

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