Hot Boyz in Joe’s Valley (Episode 3 of 3)

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Hot Boyz in Joe’s Valley (Episode 3 of 3)

…and that’s wrap!! The last part of the series…enjoy, and thank you for watching!!!

Climbs in order of appearance:

Lactation station (V10): 00:56
Simple Twist of Fate (V10): 04:20
Gurkha Knife (V9): 05:37
Dead Sea a.k.a Black Sea (V8): 07:39
Worm Turns (V10): 09:13
Jarash (V6): 10:32
Gentleman’s Project (V11): 11:40
Two Percent (V5): 19:25
Milkman (V8): 20:27
Planet of the Apes (V7): 23:40
Chips (V7): 25:37
Bubbatronic (V9): 26:35
Water Paintings (V7): 28:28
Great White (V6): 29:49

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