Hot Boyz in Joe’s Valley (Episode 2 of 3)

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Hot Boyz in Joe’s Valley (Episode 2 of 3)

Things were just getting started in episode 1! Enjoy 40 more minutes of send and shenanigans…also watch out for episode 3, coming shortly after this!

Climbs in order of appearance:

Counter Clockwork (V12): 01:09
Walrus (V5): 03:30
Rug Rat (V5): 04:19
Water Paintings (V7): 05:30
Renaissance Man (V9): 06:41
Kill By Numbers (V5): 08:39
WIlls A Fire (V6): 10:00
Pagan Poetry (V11): 11:50
Worm Turns (V10): 15:14
The Angler (V2): 16:27
Hard Grit (V6+): 18:12
Bring The Heatwole (V7): 23:45
Near Beers (V5): 27:48
The Wind Below (V7): 28:59
Worst Case Scenario (V9): 33:30

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