Hot Boyz in Joe’s Valley (Episode 1 of 3)

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Hot Boyz in Joe’s Valley (Episode 1 of 3)

Hide your girlfriends…and maybe even your boyfriends too! The Hot Boyz set up shop in the great town of Orangeville, UT for what turned out to be one hell of a boys trip/send-fest in Joe’s Valley. There is still 1hr+ left to show you guys in episodes 2 and 3….so make sure to subscribe so you dont miss it!

The climbs featured in Ep. 1 are as follows:

Wills A Fire (V6) – 01:45
Kill By Numbers (V5) – 02:39
Scrawny and Brawny (V10) – 04:44
Fingerhut (V10) – 05:57
Playmate of the Year (V9) – 08:57
‚Sideboob‘ Variation (V9) – 09:46
Eye of the Beholder (V10) – 11:04
Barely Legal (V11) – 14:47
Electric Fence (V7) – 15:24
Death Scream (V10) – 16:07
Baldwin Bash (V7) – 18:00
Lactation Station (V10) – 18:59
Vertical Ice (V6) – 20:37

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