Homage – 10 years in Fribourg – Pirmin Bertle

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/185768440

Homage – 10 years in Fribourg – Pirmin Bertle

The project “Homage” that I now realised exclusively for the Milano Montagna Video Awards 2016 has been on my mind since this spring time. I was walking down a road in Castro, Chiloé, Chile thinking about a possible short film about my home valley of the past ten years – the Jaun Valley, including climbing spots like Charmey, Jansegg, Gastlosen. Places in which I had spend in average at least two days of every of the last 500 weeks and which for me is clearly my climbing home. Even that I am not Swiss. Everything hard up there has been developed during this period of time by a couple of friends and by now you can find five 9a, one 9a+, one 9a+/9b and one 9b. More than everywhere else in Switzerland. But this is not the most important point about it, not the only reason for my conviction. Above all it is a matter of beauty and aesthetics that made and make me love this valley.

By then (walking down the Chilean road, looking for some completos) I already had some footage (e.g. of Des scènes bizarres dans la mine d’or) and others was about to be produced once we were back to Europe this summer (Meiose). In addition I had discovered two new techniques: Time lapses and drone filming. And well, when you use to climb in a place like this, getting high quality footage is not that difficult. So I decided not to submit one of my existing climbing videos, but a brand new one. Here it is…

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