Hard Grit – Bouldering im Peak District

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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/128716485

Hard Grit – Bouldering im Peak District

Benjamin Linné Ryn on a two week visit to Peak District, climbing some the best and most classic stuff around. Goproed beta video thirteen lines, hope you enjoy

Simbas Pride, E8 6B, Burbage South
Careless Torque, 8A, Stanage
Brad Pitt, 7C, Stanage
Deliverace, 7B+, Stanage
The Storm, 7B+, Stanage
Samson, 8A, Burbage South
The Bad and The Beautiful, E7 6C, Millstone
Edge Lane, E5 5C, Millstone
10 000 maniacs/Elm Street , 7C / E8 6C, Millstone
Voyager, 8B, Burbage North
The Angels Share, 7C+ / E8 7A, Black Rocks
Ulysses Bow, E6 6B, Stanage
Downhill Racer, E4 6A, Froggatt

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