Giuliano Cameroni klettert Deal with the Devil (8B)

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Giuliano Cameroni klettert Deal with the Devil (8B)

Giuliano climbing the second ascent of Deal with the Devil (8B/V13). (April 16, 2018)

Fun Fact: in 1972, in order to be saved from the highway construction, this 2000 ton boulder called „The Devil’s Stone“ was moved 127 meters uphill, costing the Swiss government 350,000 francs.

According to a local legend, the people of Uri’s region asked the devil to build a bridge through the Schöllenen Gorge. To trick the Devil, who expected to receive the soul of the first man to pass the bridge, the people of Uri sent across a goat by throwing a piece of bread. Enraged, the Devil went to fetch a large rock to smash the bridge, but, carrying the rock back to the bridge, the Devil came across an old woman who marked the rock with a cross, forcing the Devil to abandon it and flee“.

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