Fontainebleau season

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Fontainebleau season

Tomaso Greksak has spent over 10 weeks in Fontainebleau last year, here are some of the ascents that were captured on video:

la Barre Fixe 7B+ in Elephant
Envie d´Ailes 7C in Elephant
la Chose 7C+ in Cusiniere Sud
Y´pas d P Compte 7C in Rocher Saint Germain Est
Extraction Divine 7C+ in95.2
l´Americain gauche 7C+ in 91.1
Sens Dessus Dessous 7B+in 95.2
Vandale 7C in Rocher Cailleau
Insomnie assis 7B in Manoury
la Jalousie 7C in Rocher Potala
Rituel (assis) 7C+ in Manoury

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