Fontainebleau – Bouldering in the Forest

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Fontainebleau – Bouldering in the Forest

It was time to get back to Fontainebleau for a long weekend and to get some of the best rock in the world under the skin. Bouldering in this magical Forest is just epic! With like 90% of the routesetting crew of the Blockhaus we found ourselves in Bleau for 5 days with sadly 2 days of rain in between… but it is how it is!
Thanks for the good time to everyone who joined includig Tim!
It was all about bouldering, food and enjoying the time!

Problems in the video:

01:50 – 02:30 El Poussif 7b
02:40 – 04:20 El Troit 6c
04:54 – 05:30 El Poussah 7a
05:40 – 06:15 Le faux baquet 7a
07:20 – 08:20 Welcome to Tijuana 7c
08.35 – 09:15 le Grain de Beauté assis 7b
09:25 – 09:55 Ah, Plus Facile right 7a
09:55 – 10:12 7a in Franchard Isatis

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