Fabian Buhl befreit Déjà (8c+) 400m in Rätikon

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Fabian Buhl befreit Déjà (8c+) 400m in Rätikon

Multi-pitch in Ratikon – Déjà (8c+) has been bolted in 12.9.1992 by Michi Wyser and Andres Lietha. 27 years after Fabian Buhl is the first to free climb this incredible project with the support of Andres Lietha. Discover the amazing story behind the first free ascent of „Déjà“

••• Route Description •••
Name: Déjà
Grade: 8c+
The pitches: 6a+,6c+,6b+,7c,8c+,7c+,6b+,6b+,7c+,7a,8a+,6b+
Lenght: 400m
Bolted: 12.9.1992 by Michi Wyser & Andres Lietha.
First Free ascent: 27.11.2019 Fabian Buhl & Andres Lietha

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