Edu Marin klettert The Clinic (9a+) in Shangfang (China)

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Edu Marin klettert The Clinic (9a+) in Shangfang (China)

We did this trip just before the damn Covid arrived. It was early October 2019, we traveled directly to Shanghai, a city with 25 of million inhabitants.

We were lucky to meet the entire climbing community and especially the whole family that makes up one of the most prestigious Clinics for high-level athletes.

A few days later we traveled to the City of Shangfang to bolt a sports route, my illusion was to try to bolt and climb the first 9a + sports climb in the Asian country. Two months later I managed to climb the first repetition of one of the most incredible sports routes that I bolted in recent years THE CLINIC 9a+ (35meters).Exploring and sculpting new lines is what I am most passionate about.
During the last years I have been traveling the world repeating and releasing some of the most difficult and known routes, gaining experience and opening my eyes to have my own vision of climbing.

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