Dreams of Granite

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Dreams of Granite

A selection of pristine boulders from two weeks worth of climbing in the Ticino region of Switzerland.

Eliot Stephens climbs;

Franks Wild Years 8A, Cresciano
La Boule 8A, Cresciano
La Pelle 8A, Cresciano
Conquistadors Direct 8A+, Chironico
Molunk 7C, Brione
Special Edition 8A, Brione
Frogger 8A, Brione
Marilyn Monroe 8A, Brione
Amber 8B, Brione

Ashleigh Wolsey-Heard climbs Atlantis 7C, Brione

Ascents of Boogalagga 8B and Arete with a Pocket 8A missing due to climbing in sheer darkness and choss factor.

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