Christof Rauch begeht Story of Tow World (8C) Uncut

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Christof Rauch begeht Story of Tow World (8C) Uncut

Back in 2018 my friend Christof Rauch climbed Dave Graham’s classic ‚The Story of Two Worlds‘ ( 8C/V15 ) in Cresciano. He got filmed by Pawel Jelonek. A little bit later he also made a repeat of Dai Koyamada’s low start. Both ascents meant a lot to him and in his own words:

„A dream became reality! When I climbed „The Dagger“ for the first time I don’t thought that I could climb this problem ever! But a few weeks ago I found some new microbetas and it felt so much easier. At first I made a teamascent of the normal start together with Pawel. Afterwards I checked out the lower moves with no big expectations. Sometimes it seems like this is the key to success and after a hell of a fight I stood on top of this amazing boulder and nabbed the second ascent. Thanks to the awesome crew!“

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