Brooke Raboutou: L’héritage – Part 1

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Brooke Raboutou: L’héritage – Part 1

Get a glimpse inside the family, friends and mentors of Brooke Raboutou in L’héritage Part 1. Growing up in a home where climbing, competition and world championships were the norm, Brooke gains valuable experience from her parents, brother and community surrounding the ABCKids climbing gym in Boulder, Colorado.

Working her way through the youth climbing competition scene in the U.S. and internationally, Brooke builds her competitive edge against a strong field of competitors both at home and abroad. Now, Brooke is poised for the adult competition stage and greater challenges.

Part 1 of our two-part film series with Brooke highlights her upbringing as a youth competitor and growing up the daughter of two veteren competitors on the World Cup circuit. Part 2 will follow her 2019 adult competitive season all the way to the World Championships in Hachiōji, Japan.

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