Bouldering at Blaueis

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Bouldering at Blaueis

I’ve been bouldering at Blaueis two weeks ago for the first time. Back then I tried the fb 8B / V13 Klem Loskot classic ‚Opium Date‘, which he opened in 1999. I was really close to climb it in that session, why I’ve been very motivated to get back there as soon as possible. Last friday I got the chance to do so. And I did. But unfortunately it rained too much the day before and with a lot of humidity in the air it didn’t dry up in time and the starting holds were still wet. That dropped my motivation rappidly but I had another boulder on my mind though, which I knew would be dry for sure.

‚It’s highest railway to make me on my socks‘ is it’s name and it’s ~ fb 8A / V11. It doesn’t look very hard for the grade, why I thought a propper flash try would make sense. But it ended earlier than I was hoping for. Seems like I’m one of the worst flasher in the world. At least there is a lot of space to improve. Climbing it a few tries later, I looking back guess I could have flashed it, if I concentrated a little bit more…

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