Ben Moon & Jerry Moffatt training for 8c+

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Ben Moon & Jerry Moffatt training for 8c+

Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon are legends of our sport. They were playing a leading role in the development of sport climbing and bouldering in the 80’s and 90’s. Being a superb competition climber as well, Jerry is widely regarded as the best overall climber in the world of the 80’s. Ben is still climbing up to 9a and hard boulder problems at the age of almost 50 years.

As they are our heros we are superhappy that Jerry gave us a long interview about the development of the campusboard and his training as well as handing out this vintage footage of them training in Jerry’s cellar. That’s how climbing training used to be before gyms like the Café Kraft or the Foundry existed: Dirty, dusty, dark.

Jerry says it: It’s all about DEDICATION. Enjoy!
And don’t forget to watch the interview as well!

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